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Brisbane‘s climate, air-conditioning helps to keep your home pleasant to live in year round. We can supply, fit and service the latest in home air-conditioning.

We supply all major brands of air-conditioners including Fujitsu, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and LG.

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Split System Air-Conditioning

Split system air-conditioners are ideal where you only need a few areas cooled/heated. These are great for the budget and are a quick way to
create comfort for the essential areas of your home.

Because we are licensed Electricians as well, we offer a great, one-stop service, from supplying a split system air conditioning unit, installing the
indoor and outdoor units and also wiring the required circuit back to the switchboard.

There are many different types of split system air conditioning installations that may be required depending on the location. The easiest and
cheapest option is the back-to-back air con installation. With this method, the outdoor unit is directly behind the indoor unit location. The outdoor
unit can be mounted on a slab or on wall brackets, depending on requirements.

Some situations will require more complex options for a split system air conditioning installation. This involves extended pipe runs or if the outdoor
is located high on the wall of a multi-storey building. The outdoor unit can also be installed on a roof or the indoor unit may require a condensate
pump. Any advanced installations or special situations require a site visit to make sure the pricing is correct.

Split system air conditioning in Brisbane