Seasonal Safety – Easter DIY


Seasonal Safety – Easter DIY Posted in General News on March 24, 2016

A four day break can be a golden opportunity to get ahead on some DIY jobs around the home. Whatever you’re up to, take extra care and remember to always Look up and Live.
  • When painting around light fittings, don’t remove the light plate. This exposes live wires even when the light is switched off.
  • When tiling around light fittings, switches or power points, get a licensed electrician to remove the light plates and deactivate any exposed wires before you begin.
  • Check for wires before drilling into walls, floors and ceilings. When a metal drill comes into contact with concealed wiring it can spell disaster, so always make sure you know where wires run first. Be particularly careful when drilling around power points and light switches.
  • When using a ladder outdoors, take extra care and remember to always Look up and Live around powerlines.


Electrical safety around the home is important and you should always be on the lookout for hidden dangers associated with common DIY activities like painting, tiling and drilling holes in walls. Remember to NEVER do your own electrical work – always use a licensed electrician.


Content courtesy of Energex