Safety Alert – Working in Ceiling Spaces Posted in Electrical Advice, General News on April 01, 2014

The Electrical Safety Office is investigating a fatal incident at a school in which an electrical worker was electrocuted while working in a ceiling space early in 2014. The worker was installing communication cabling in a ceiling space. An electrical cable with damaged insulation made contact with a metallic plate, energising parts of the building […]

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Digging in the yard? Beware of underground electricity cables Posted in Electrical Advice on March 19, 2014

Are there underground electricity cables in your yard? If you’re planning to do earthworks or landscape the yard think about where underground electricity cables might be located. Most people know where their water and gas pipes run, but many forget that powerlines can also be underground. The Electrical Safety Office is reminding homeowners and the […]

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Solar Isolator Recall Posted in Electrical Advice on March 05, 2014

There has been a product recall on the PVPower DC isolator sold in many states of Australia. The product features an internal fault, where a high resistant connection may form. This could result in the isolator overheating and, in some cases, cause fire. If you have had a solar system installed between 1 August 2012 – […]

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Safety switches Posted in Electrical Advice on November 27, 2013

Content from QLD Government Electrical Safety Office Safety switches are your insurance against electric shock. They are designed to prevent injury or death. They monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit. They automatically shut off the electricity supply when current is detected leaking from faulty switches, wiring or electrical appliances. This stops the chance […]

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Use safe Christmas lights Posted in General News on November 27, 2013

Content from QLD Government Electrical Safety Office It’s that time of the year when Christmas lights make an appearance across Queensland adding fun and excitement to festivities. Important safety tips Before you start decorating, there are some important safety tips to be aware of, to ensure your Christmas doesn’t end in disaster. Use indoor lights […]

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