Lighting and Fans


Lighting and Fans

We can fit and install new lights, down lights, sensor lights, floodlights, garden lights and even chandeliers. Our team are all experienced and can give you advice on the type and location of light fittings to give the look and feel you desire. We can also install dimmers that allow you to change the mood with a flick of a switch.

Down lights

Down lights can create an extremely modern and contemporary look to any room in your home or business without compromising the level of lighting you require.  Modern LED down lights can reduce house hold energy costs and reduce the risk of fire. With the right lighting you can change the look and feel of a room with the switch of a button.

Down light Safety

With older style halogen down lights, fire is a real risk as they create a large amount of heat. Neil Hewitt Electrical and Air-conditioning can assess your current installation and advice on ways to reduce the fire risk including covers and upgrading to LED units.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can completely change to look of your house, Make the most of your garden or outdoor area with a complete exterior lighting solution that will improve the look and feel of your outdoor areas.  With the right style of lighting fixture in the best position, you can create the perfect look that will have you enjoying your garden and outdoor area day and night.

Safety lighting

Safety lighting can prevent trips and falls and make returning home after dark easy, with motion sensors that will automatically turn on lights in areas such as front door, back door and garage means you don’t have to feel around in the dark for light switches or keyholes.

Garden, patio and driveway lighting

Garden, patio and driveway lighting to highlight the best features of your garden, light up your driveway or even lighting to enjoy your patio area for hours of evening entertaining and enjoyment.

Security lighting

Security lighting such as motion sensor lighting for areas outside and around your home


Floodlighting highlighting those areas of your home or garden you want noticed.

Exhaust & bathroom fan installations

Installing a exhaust fan in the areas in the home that can get a build up of steam and moisture that may  lead to mould and unwelcome odours, such as bathrooms, kitchens and the laundry, we can professionally install and correctly position exhaust fans for maximum benefit.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are an effective and economical way to cool and move cooled air around your home or business.  We can supply and install all ceiling fans as well as update older fans with modern controls including multi-speed switches for greater control.  Benefit from a full range of ceiling fans, all with convenient and expert installations.

Exit Lights

Our friendly team can install and maintain emergency exit lights in light commercial properties.