Ceiling Fans


Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an effective and economical way to cool and move cooled air around your home or business.  We can supply and install all ceiling fans as well as update older fans with modern controls including multi-speed switches for greater control.  Benefit from a full range of ceiling fans, all with convenient and expert installations.

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Choosing the Right Type of Ceiling Fan

Choosing the right ceiling fan can be tough, that’s why we like to help you choose the right ceiling fan not only  for your needs, but also best suited for your household.

What Size and How Many?

The first thing to consider is what size ceiling fan is best suited for the room/area. Below is an approximate size guide to help with choosing the right size ceiling fan:

Room Dimensions Suggested Fan Size
8 or less m2 29″ – 36″
8 to 14 m2 36″ – 42″
14 to 22 m2 44″
22 to 38 m2 50″ – 54″

For bigger rooms, especially larger rectangular rooms or open plan areas, it may be necessary to have multiple ceiling fans to service the area.

Ceiling Fan Spitfire - Brushed Nickel MotorCeiling Fan Tempest 52 - Brushed AluminumCeiling Fan Monterey - White

Location, Location, Location

Most ceiling fans are position central to the room they service, however, it is also important to consider how the fan can be mounted. Generally fans are mounted on a flat ceiling with bracing, but they can also be fitted to pitched ceilings or beams depending on ceiling access and suitability.

Ceiling Fan Viking - WhiteCeiling Fan Healey - Antique BrassCeiling Fan Maelstrom - Satin Nickel

Ceiling Fan with a Light

Quite commonly, a central light fitting in a room can be replaced with a new ceiling fan/light. This can be an effective and efficient way to both cool and light a particular room/area. An important thing to consider when buying a new ceiling fan/light, is that unless an existing ceiling fan/light is being replaced, ceiling access is required to be able to run new cable from the new fitting to the switch. If ceiling access is not available (downstairs room of a 2-storey house for example), an alternative can be a remote control ceiling fan/light.

Ceiling Fan Bernie 5 Blade - SilverCeiling Fan Monterey - BlackCeiling Fan Cooya - White

Remote Control Ceiling Fan with a Light

Remote control ceiling fan/lights can be a great option for areas which have limited or no ceiling access, this is because wiring from an existing light fitting can usually be used without the need to run additional cable. Another great benefit of having remote control fans is that you have the convenience of controlling your fan from anywhere in the room without having to get off the couch or out of the bed.


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